BBM Running in Windows PC

BlackBerry BBM app was demoed running on a Windows notebook . The visitors were immediately suspect, flagship BlackBerry instant messaging service is also going to land on Windows after Android and iOS.
But the allegation was eventually countered by Chris Smith, VP of BlackBerry Handheld Application Platforms. He said that the application of fuel that demonstrated with Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations BlackBerry is a concept that represents the ability of the operating system BlackBerry 10.
Demo BBM applications running on the notebook just a concept. Blackberry goal is to show that BlackBerry 10 has interactive capability qualified to other devices like windows notebook.
Not only is connected to the notebook, but BlackBerry 10 also offers the ability to interact with other commercial devices, such as the home automation system.
Or in other words, Chris Smithc tried to explain that BlackBerry 10 offers more capabilities than a regular smartphone. In the hands of the right developers, called BlackBerry 10 is able to transform into any of its interactive capability relies.
In addition, QNX system which is the basis of the BlackBerry 10 is a system that is widely used in various industrial devices such as hospital equipment, mass transportation like trains faster, until the manufacturing industry.

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