How to Remove Delta Homes Search From Browser

I just share my experience, some day I follow a quiz and i must install tools from site that provide. I follow the instruction. Iam not realize that my browser would install delta homes search. I know there are delta homes search in the browser I use is Mozilla when I klik new tab and directly display delta homes search. First i think its similar with google or yahoo. 
But over time I realized nothing has changed with my computer's performance. Performance becomes increasingly slow, especially when booting. Especially when opening the browser first. 
I know the causes is instaling delta homes in my browser. 
First you must uninstall program in control panel that bring delta home search.
Second you must remove delta home search from add on in your browser
Third you type in mozilla search toolbar : about:config

 Then you click I'll be careful, I promise!
And then in search tab type this: browser.newtab
And will show to delta homes search. Right click and then click reset.
Before close, you type again in search tab by type :delta. Your repeat the step like above.


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