iPhone 5C Less Sold in The Market

Simultaneously released to the market, the popularity of the iPhone 5C still far less than the iPhone 5S. At the time rumored iPhone 5S is running out of consumers hunted, Meanwhile iPhone 5C remaining on the shelves of many stores.
To address these constraints, the seller of the iPhone in China 5C initiative to cut prices, although this product has not been too long on the market.
According to Caijing report, as quoted from BGR, Friday ( 09/27/2013 ), the iPhone 5C already discounted price of 4,488 yuan, or about USD 8.4 million to 3,699 yuan, or about USD 6.7 million in a shop located in Tmall, one of the largest shopping centers in China.
Caijing said the price cut was due to weak sales of the iPhone 5C. The popularity of the product is said to the shadows of his brother, the iPhone 5S.
One of the factors iPhone 5C behavior may be caused by the price. Since rumors about this product surfaced, iPhone 5C predicted as Apple cell phone at an affordable price.
In fact, the rumors remained rumors. This product turns the iPhone 5 is plotted as a substitute in the market. 5C iPhone actually is last year's model which comes with a "skin" and a new name. Therefore, not surprising that the price is not much different from the iPhone 5.
In comparison, the iPhone version is not contractually bound 5C (unlocked ) in the United States are sold at a price of 549 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD 6.3 million for the 16 GB version and 649 dollars, or approximately USD 7.5 million for the 32 GB version.

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